Microwave Porridge Oats

microwave porridge with golden syrup

Eating a bowl of microwave porridge oats in the morning is a really healthy¬†way to start your day. Because it is rich in fibre, porridge oats fills you up without […]

Microwave mulled wine

Microwave Mulled Wine

Microwave Mulled Wine – “are you nuts?” I hear you say. No I’m not nuts – just a little tipsy after drinking a couple of these chest warming, thought provoking, […]

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

microwave scrambled eggs

Microwave Scrambled Eggs was the first microwave recipe I ever tried. It was passed on to me by my sister while she was studying to become a doctor. It’s a […]

Microwave Steamed Hake

Microwave Steamed Hake

Microwave steamed hake is a healthy microwave fish recipe which takes hardly any effort to make. Fish is pretty good for you as it contains omega 3 fats which have […]

Microwave Poached Egg

Microwave Poached Egg Served

Microwave poached egg is not only delicious, but it is by far, the healthiest method for cooking eggs. Because microwaving poached egg does not involve frying, you don’t need to […]

Microwave Steak

Microwave Steak With Wine

This recipe will show you how to cook steak using your microwave. I know some of you reading this are thinking “But why? But how? Is it even possible? Well, […]

German White Sausage

German White Sausage and Pretzel

German white sausage or weisswurst as they are known in Germany, are sausages made from a combination of finely minced veal and pork seasoned with a selection of herbs and […]