Microwave Steak

Microwave Steak With Wine

This recipe will show you how to cook steak using your microwave. I know some of you reading this are thinking “But why? But how? Is it even possible? Well, […]

Microwave Lamb Curry

lamb curry

My nephew was moving into his student digs at Reading University so I thought I’d give him a hands-on seminar on how to cook microwave lamb curry. Students are known […]

Microwave Jacket Potato

microwave jacket potato

Now with this microwave jacket potato recipe we are really getting down to basic, solid, fill up your belly and fast – food. Jacket spuds cooked in the normal oven […]

Microwave Curry Goat

Lamb Curry

Curry goat is in many people’s opinion, the holy grail of Jamaican cuisine. For decades curry goat recipes have been kept secret, closely guarded by specialist chefs who would be […]

Microwave Scrambled Egg Recipe

microwave scrambled eggs

I think Microwave Scrambled Egg was my first ever microwave recipe, passed on to me by my sister while she was studying to become a doctor. It’s a delicious, quick and […]

Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcorn

Did you know – Microwave popcorn was the first ever food cooked using the microwave? Yes, those first kernels of corn were popped way back in 1946 by a man […]