Microwave Safe Dishes

Microwave Safe Dishes Corningware

Microwave cooking requires that food is cooked in suitable, microwave safe dishes. Using the correct microwave safe dishes will ensure that your food is cooked properly and that the microwave cookware and the microwave oven itself does not get damaged.

Microwave Safe Dishes

Microwave safe dishes are heat-resistant cookware containers made of glass, glass ceramic, porcelain, ceramic or heat-resistant plastic. These materials allow microwaves to pass through them into the food.


You can also use microwave safe serving dishes which saves you from having to transfer food from one dish to another. You should never use dishes with decorative gold or silver trim unless the manufacturer guarantees that they are suitable for use in microwaves.

Non Microwave Safe Dishes

Metal dishes and pans are are not microwave safe. Metal does not allow microwaves to pass through so food in metal containers will remain cold no matter how long you microwave it for.

Metal objects in the microwave oven can lead to the creation of sparks. This could damage the glass or material on the inside of the door. To avoid sparks, metal objects, for example a spoon placed in a glass while heating a drink to avoid super-heating – must be kept at least 2 cm from the oven walls door.

Microwave Safe Dish Test

Generally you should never switch on the microwave unless there is food inside. The following microwave safe dish test is the only exception to this rule. Perform the following microwave safe test if you are unsure whether your cookware is suitable for use in the microwave:

  1. Heat the empty dish at maximum power for 1⁄2 to 1 minute.
    Check the temperature occasionally during that time.
  2. The dish should still be cold or warm to the touch.
    The dish is not microwave safe if it becomes hot or sparks are generated.

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  1. I have an old house with a built in old microwave with setting such as high, cook, simmer, low. This microwave died and I got a new one that has percentage of power. How can I convert Percentages to high, cook, simmer, etc?

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