Microwave Power Time Conversion Table

Microwave Power Time Conversion Setting

Our microwave power time conversion table will help you solve the problem of microwave cooking instructions not matching the power rating of  your microwave oven. Microwave power timing conversion is an important aspect of microwave cooking because if your microwave’s power rating is different from the microwave power rating that the cooking instructions are based on you will end up either overcooking or under cooking your food.

For example, if you follow a microwave recipe or cooking instructions based on a 900 Watt oven but you have a microwave which is rated at only 700 Watts, an instruction saying cook for 10 minutes will not be long enough for your oven and will therefore leave your food undercooked. This is because your 700 Watt oven is less powerful than the oven the recipe was written for and will need more time to get the food to the correct temperature. Luckily for you, I have provided everything you need to make sure that you can easily convert a timing from any recipe and set the cooking time which is correct for your microwave. Just follow the 3 steps below and use the quick Microwave Power Time Conversion lookup table to find out how much time you should set your microwave oven timer to to cook your food properly.

1. Find out the power rating of your microwave

Your microwave will have a certain power rating in Watts(W). Mine for example is a 900W oven. Finding out the power rating should be easy.

Some microwaves have a helpful label on the door to let you know it’s power as shown below. Just take a note of the number at the top right which is 900W in this case. Ignore the E which is the heating category as this just confuses things.

Microwave Power Label

If there is no label on the front of your microwave, look for a label inside the or at the the back. It may not look like the one pictured above but as long as it has the power in Watts / W you’ll be fine.

If you can’t find it on the oven itself check the manual.

2. Note the power used for the microwave recipe or packaging.

All cooking times for the recipes in this site are based on a 900W microwave oven. Other microwave recipe sites should tell you what power theirs are based on. Packaged food such as a tin of baked beans and microwave dishes such as ready meals should indicate what microwave power the cooking times are based on. If the cooking / heating instruction timings are based on the same microwave power rating as yours then you can simply use the timings given an enjoy your food. If they are different then go to step 3.

3. Use the Microwave Power Time Conversion table to find the correct time for your oven.

So, if your microwave power rating is not the same as the microwave power given by the recipe or heating instructions use the Microwave Power Time Conversion Table below. All you need to do is

  1. In the top row of the table find the power rating specified by the microwave recipe or cooking instructions e.g. 750W
  2. Go down until you find the cooking time given by the cooking instructions (to the nearest 10 secs) e.g. 3:00
  3. Go across until you get to the column which has your microwave oven’s power rating at the top e.g. 900W and you have found the cooking time you need for your microwave which is this example is 2:30.
  4. Set your microwave to the time found in the table and enjoy your food.
Microwave Power Time Conversion Table
1500 W 1250 W 1100 W 1000 W 950 W 900 W 850 W 800 W 750 W 700 W 600 W 500 W
00:20 00:20 00:20 00:30 00:30 00:30 00:30 00:30 00:40 00:40 00:50 00:50
00:40 00:40 00:50 00:50 01:00 01:00 01:00 01:10 01:10 01:20 01:30 01:50
00:50 01:00 01:10 01:20 01:30 01:30 01:40 01:40 01:50 02:00 02:20 02:40
01:10 01:30 01:40 01:50 01:50 02:00 02:10 02:20 02:20 02:30 03:00 03:40
01:30 01:50 02:00 02:10 02:20 02:30 02:40 02:50 03:00 03:10 03:40 04:30
01:50 02:10 02:30 02:40 02:50 03:00 03:10 03:20 03:40 03:50 04:30 05:20
02:10 02:30 02:50 03:10 03:20 03:30 03:40 04:00 04:10 04:30 05:10 06:20
02:20 02:50 03:20 03:40 03:50 04:00 04:10 04:30 04:50 05:10 06:00 07:10
02:40 03:10 03:40 04:00 04:20 04:30 04:50 05:00 05:20 05:50 06:50 08:10
03:00 03:40 04:10 04:30 04:40 05:00 05:20 05:40 06:00 06:30 07:30 09:00
03:20 04:00 04:30 05:00 05:10 05:30 05:50 06:10 06:40 07:00 08:10 09:50
03:40 04:20 04:50 05:20 05:40 06:00 06:20 06:40 07:10 07:40 09:00 10:50
03:50 04:40 05:20 05:50 06:10 06:30 06:50 07:20 07:50 08:20 09:50 11:40
04:10 05:00 05:40 06:20 06:40 07:00 07:20 07:50 08:20 09:00 10:30 12:40
04:30 05:20 06:10 06:40 07:10 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:40 11:10 13:30
04:50 05:50 06:30 07:10 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:40 10:20 12:00 14:20
05:10 06:10 07:00 07:40 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:30 10:10 11:00 12:50 15:20
05:20 06:30 07:20 08:10 08:30 09:00 09:30 10:10 10:50 11:30 13:30 16:10
05:40 06:50 07:50 08:30 09:00 09:30 10:00 10:40 11:20 12:10 14:10 17:10
06:00 07:10 08:10 09:00 09:30 10:00 10:40 11:10 12:00 12:50 15:00 18:00
06:20 07:30 08:40 09:30 10:00 10:30 11:10 11:50 12:40 13:30 15:40 18:50
06:40 08:00 09:00 09:50 10:30 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:10 14:10 16:30 19:50
06:50 08:20 09:20 10:20 10:50 11:30 12:10 13:00 13:50 14:50 17:10 20:40
07:10 08:40 09:50 10:50 11:20 12:00 12:40 13:30 14:20 15:30 18:00 21:40
07:30 09:00 10:10 11:10 11:50 12:30 13:10 14:00 15:00 16:00 18:40 22:30
07:50 09:20 10:40 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:50 14:40 15:40 16:40 19:30 23:20
08:10 09:40 11:00 12:10 12:50 13:30 14:20 15:10 16:10 17:20 20:10 24:20
08:20 10:00 11:30 12:40 13:20 14:00 14:50 15:40 16:50 18:00 21:00 25:10
08:40 10:30 11:50 13:00 13:40 14:30 15:20 16:20 17:20 18:40 21:40 26:10
09:00 10:50 12:20 13:30 14:10 15:00 15:50 16:50 18:00 19:20 22:30 27:00

Note 1. You will notice that the microwave power time conversion table rounds timings to the nearest 10 seconds. We’ve done this because a time difference within 10 seconds will not usually make much difference to how well your food is cooked.

72 thoughts on “Microwave Power Time Conversion Table

    1. You would think that by now microwave manufacturers would have an ap like this built in to their ovens, certainly, for the high end ones. In any case, thanks for your table. I struggle with this every time I microwave, having a 600 watt microwave.

      1. Use 6 minutes per pound. Start there add 30 secs at a time but include standing time. 1/5 of cooking time to finish Good luck

  1. I was wondering why (in the first row, the time for 500W is not 60 seconds (1500W for 20 sec. x 3 = 60). Are there other factors in the equation ?

  2. What about the second Temperature setting of 50% power on a frozen dinner? We have a 1250 Watt microwave. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for this very helpful. We have a 1500watt microwave and all the instructions are for 700w on foodstuffs. Excellent!

  4. I need conversion from microwave oven to conventional oven.
    microwave on high for 7 minutes compares to what for conventional oven

    1. I do the opposite, so I would do about 425F for 21 minutes as a guestimate. Remember to preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
      When the reverse pattern is applied, there is no preheating for microwave. Not in my experience. In a convection oven I usually increase temp 25 degrees and no preheating for baking or roasting.

    2. It wouldn’t be possible to provide this information as a conventional oven and a microwave use completely different methods of cooking, a regular oven cooks food from the outside, a microwave cooks food from the inside outwards, a microwave also needs extra time for the container a food is in whereas an oven doesn’t.

  5. Same question as Diann S Stevens? Very helpful brilliant actually and I agree with person stating that the co. Producing each unit should have already have these facts programmed?! And so do I figure it out as a word problem in reverse? What is 10 min in microwave (what ever watts and or power) equivalent to in oven? And does the time increase (watt and or power considered) just as the chart showing vise versa? Is there another conversion chart for this as well? If so , how and where do i acquire it for I could really use it! Thank you Cynthia Weed

  6. convert stovetop/oven recipes to microwave
    Nuke_100% -Stove_High -Oven_425F-500F
    Nuke_70% -Stove_MED-Hi -Oven_350F
    Nuke_50% -Stove_Medium -Oven_300F
    Nuke_30% -Stove_Low -Oven_225F
    Nuke_25% of original time, cut back liquids 20%
    These are averages, not specific to any machine.

  7. Very helpful. Most frozen dinners are based on 1100, so that doesn’t help someone w/800W. I just moved and didn’t think to check micro watt, thought it would be better. I use micro a lot.

  8. Recipe watt eks. 900 watt and cookingtime(6,35) min.
    900w x 6,35 min / watt (your micro, eks. 1200 watt)

    900 x 6,35 / 1200
    New cookingtime v/1200watt = 4.5 min.
    Now you can calculate all 😉

    Remember to convert your calculated cookingtime to HMS

  9. I see many if not most meals give times based on 1100 Watts but my microwave is rated for 700 watts. How much do I need to increase it, 50%?

  10. I want to know the microwave number settings and the oven degree settings that match. Example is #5 on a microwave the same as 350 on conventional oven?

  11. Yeah mine too is a Panasonic Inverter 1200 W and yet the recipe I want to use is for a 500/725 W

  12. Thanks for your data – an excelent idea. However time marches on and 2,000W devices are on the market: please update your tables to cover these.

  13. glad i found this conversion table as i have a microbake book that as recipes for 650 and 500 watts micro baking and i have a 800 watts microwave now but i love the book itr was first published in 1987. thankyou for being so helpfull

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