Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping

microwave sweet potato with topping

I’d been meaning to cook a microwave sweet potato for some time now and finally got round to it. I served it as a side dish to accompany an oxtail stew meal that I’d cooked for the family one Saturday evening. Because it was a side dish, the sweet potato I cooked in the microwave on that occasion was great left plain and required no topping. Similar to our microwave jacket baked potato recipe, it was nice as an addition to a full meal and took less than 10 minutes to cook in the microwave as opposed to the hour or so it would have taken in the normal oven.

The microwave sweet potato recipe featured here is meant to be served as a starter or a snack and eaten without other foods. To make the sweet potato’s flavour more exciting to your taste buds, I wanted to add the perfect topping to complement its delicate sweetness and creamy texture. After some thought, I decided to cook this microwave sweet potato in its skin first, slice it down the middle and then top it with a fried onion, mushroom and cheese combo. It worked well and after 8 minutes of cooking and a couple of minutes prep time, I had produced a very tasty microwave sweet potato starter.

Here’s how you do it…

You'll Need

  • 1 Sweet potato
  • 20 g chopped onion
  • 20 g chopped mushroom
  • 20 g of sliced cheese
  • 2 tbs cooking oil
  • Paper kitchen towel
  • Frying pan
Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping Microwave Ingredients Image


Select your microwave oven's power to get the correct timing
Total Cooking Time = 3 mins, 0 secs

  1. Wash the sweet potato and wrap it in a damp kitchen paper towel to prevent it from dehydrating.
  2. Cook it in the microwave for 4 minutes at full power
  3. Turn the sweet potato over and cook for a further 4 minutes
  4. While the sweet potato is cooking heat up a little oil to the frying pan and quickly sauté / fry the mushroom and onion on a medium heat for a couple of minutes
  5. When the microwave sweet potato is cooked, remove it from the oven and slice it lengthwise, down the middle into two halves
  6. Spoon the sautéed mushroom and onion onto the microwave sweet potato.
  7. Grate or chop the cheese, crumble it on and then press it down, with the rest of the topping into the microwave sweet potato.
  8. Let the microwave sweet potato stand for a couple of minutes until the cheese melts
Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping Microwave Directions Image

To Serve Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping

Place each half of the microwave sweet potato onto a dish and serve in their skins. The sweet potato and the topping can be given a little stir with a fork, scooped out and eaten

Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping Microwave Served Image

Microwave sweet potato with sautéed topping Tips

My daughter is allergic to milk so can't eat cheese. I prepared her microwave sweet potato with humus to replace the cheese. Obviously it wasn't going to melt into the flesh of the potato but it was just as delicious.

As a side note, the main photo for this recipe shows one half of the microwave cooked sweet potato with cheese and the other on the right with no cheese.

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