Microwave Recipes

Advantages of Microwave Cooking

At microwavemasterchef.com you’ll find the microwave way of preparing many of your favourite recipes. The main benefits of cooking food in the microwave are

  • Speed – Microwave ovens usually cook food quicker than conventional methods. The mighty jacket potato for example takes 1 hour in the convection oven but only 10 minutes in the microwave!
  • Less Cleaning – Many microwave recipes can be served or even eaten from the same dish they were prepared in. This means there’s no need to wash that pot, the oven tray or perhaps wipe off the stove once you’ve finished cooking as you would with conventional cooking.
  • Health – Microwave cooking often requires less water and shorter cooking times. This means that less nutrients are lost from the food during the cooking  process.
  • Energy Saving – Microwave cooking can be up to 81% more efficient than conventional cooking.

The recipes featured on this site are grouped into the categories listed below.


Microwave Recipe Categories

  • Breakfasts – The first and most important meal of the day
  • Main Meals – Large meals including lunch, dinner, supper or tea fall into this category
  • Sides – This category is split into the following groups…
    • Side dishes – foods such as pasta or rice which accompany main meals.
    • Snacks – if you’re looking for a light quick bite to eat in between meals
    • Appetisers  /Starters – usually served just before the main meal / main course to stimulate the appetite
  • Desserts – Normally hot or cold sweet dishes such as fruit pies, icecream or puddings,eaten after the main meal. Not all desserts are sweet however. How about a cheese platter for example?
  • Drinks – You can use the microwave to prepare hot beverages. Some posh restaurants even use the microwave to warm expensive wine to the optimum temperature!


Microwave with other Appliances

Some of the microwave recipes here will require another simple cooking appliance such as a toaster, a kettle or a blowtorch! to carry out part of the cooking process. This is because the standard microwave oven as amazing as it is, in most cases, simply just won’t brown or toast.

The toaster would be used to toast the bread before using the microwave to melt the cheese when making cheese on toast.

The kettle may be used speed up the process of boiling a large amount of water before cooking microwave boiled potatoes.

Nothing beats a blowtorch for sealing meat before cooking it the microwave oven.


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