World Cup Half Time Microwave Quick Snacks

Brazil 2014 World Cup Quick Snacks

We are now well into Brazil 2014 which, so far has been the most exciting Football World Cup tournament ever. Sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation, biting your nails then jumping and shouting when your team scores requires energy which can only be provided through food. There’s no way that in the middle of a vital game that you’ll want to go into the kitchen for half an hour to prepare a meal so we’ve put together four World Cup, half time, quick snacks that you can speedily whip up in minutes using your microwave so as not to miss a single goal, save, foul, dribble or sublime piece of skill from your favourite player.

As I write, the four teams that have battled their way into the semi-finals are the hosts, Brazil, Germany, Holland and Argentina. The microwave recipes I’ve featured here represent those Nations so we have…

Brazil – Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob is loved by football fans all over Brazil. Perhaps it’s because of its bright yellow colour which is the colour of their beloved team’s strip.
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Argentina – Microwave Steak

Corn on the Cob
Argentina produce the most mouth-watering steaks in the world and that’s no bull! Perhaps that’s where Messi gets his dribbling skills from.
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Germany – White Sausage

White Sausage with Pretzel
Apparently the German World Cup football team have been eating white sausage for breakfast – with beer!
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Holland – Dutch Currant Bun

Dutch Currant Bun
The Dutch save currant buns for special occasions. Expect shortages of these quick snacks if they win the World Cup.
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Recommended Half Time National Drinks

Watching football is hungry work and can also have you feeling very, very thirsty. So why not get the National beverage to go with your half time microwave quick snack. Read to the end of each World Cup Half Time Quick Snack Recipes for the recommended drinks.

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