German White Sausage

German White Sausage and Pretzel

German white sausage or weisswurst as they are known in Germany, are sausages made from a combination of finely minced veal and pork seasoned with a selection of herbs and spices. German white sausage originates from the southern region of Germany known as Bavaria. Traditionally, Bavarians would eat their white sausage for breakfast with a brezel (pretzels), sweet mustard and wait for it… Beer!

I experienced this beer for breakfast phenomenon first hand while I was working over in Munich, Germany some years ago. After arriving at work one morning we were asked to meet in the reception as it was some kind of special day in Bavaria. We were greeted by hostesses wearing dirndl – you know those traditional German ladies costumes with the tops that appear to be designed to show a few centimetres of cleavage. These girls were serving German white sausages and pretzels and directing us over to a bar where weissbier (a hearty, cloudy german brew) was being poured liberally, by the litre. I have to mention that all of this was happening, with the beer and all – I checked my watch – at 9:45 in the morning! It was an enjoyable if not very productive day.

This German White Sausage recipe is for a quick snack of which can be eaten at any time, not just at breakfast. Please note, the beer is optional be it recommended.

You'll Need

  • 4 tinned white German white sausages or Weisswurst
  • 2 Pretzels
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet mustard


Select your microwave oven's power to get the correct timing
Total Cooking Time = 3 mins, 0 secs

  1. Put the white sausages on a plate and put them in the microwave on full power for 3 minutes
  2. Turn them over and cook on full for a further minute

To Serve German White Sausage

Put the weisswurst on a plate with a pretzel and spoon a dollop of sweet mustard on the edge of the plate. You can now enjoy your German white sausage by dipping it in the mustard and eating each piece with a piece of pretzel.

German White Sausage Tips

For whatever reason the inhabitants of Munich and over Bavarian areas of southern Germany have always eaten their weisswurst with weissbier. If you would like to try weissbier look for brands from breweries such as Augustiner, Erdinger or Pauliner. These are breweries set up by the monks in the region to provide them with a source of income as well as to lift the burden of their strict religious lifestyles.

Recommended Drink - Weissbier

German weissbier is produced in Germany's southern region, Bavaria and has always been drunk by Bavarians with their weisswurst. Weissbier translated into English would be white beer and is produced using a higher percentage of wheat than other beers. This gives the beer a cloudy look and also makes it quite filling and nutritious. It was originally brewed by Christian monks in the region to provide them with a source of income as well as to lift the burden of their strict religious lifestyles. These monks eventually went on to establish some of Germany's favourite breweries today, including Augustiner, Erdinger and Pauliner. Look to these brands as a good starting point if you are trying weissbier for the first time.

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