Microwave Cheese on Toast

Microwave Cheese on Toast

This Microwave Cheese on Toast recipe is a quick, easy and delicious microwave assisted version of the popular snack. It could actually be considered to be cheating as a toaster is required for the actual toasting of the bread. The toaster is necessary, simply because standard microwaves just won’t toast. What the microwave is really good at however is melting the cheese down to a lovely, bubbling hot topping for the toast.

Any bread that fits into the toaster and any type of cheese may be used for this recipe. My personal preference is good old mature English Cheddar on toasted wholemeal bread.

Microwave cheese on toast is the super basic version of the 18th Century British classic – Welsh Rarebit. Welsh Rarebit sometimes  known as “Posh Cheese on Toast” as featured in a Guardian news article, is just like our Microwave Cheese on Toast recipe, but with mustard and beer!

You'll Need

  • Sliced bread
  • Cheese


Select your microwave oven's power to get the correct timing
Total Cooking Time = 0 mins, 30 secs

  1. Toast the sliced bread in the toaster
  2. Put a handful of sliced, crumbled or grated cheese on the toast
  3. Place in the microwave on a plate for 30 or so seconds until cheese melts
  4. Remove and serve

To Serve Microwave Cheese on Toast

To serve this Microwave Cheese on Toast dish, you can just cut the toast diagonally in half and start tucking in.

Microwave Cheese on Toast Tips

I've found that steam sometimes forms under the toast when microwaved making my cheese on toast a little damp. To get around this, fold a sheet of paper towel under the toast before putting it in the microwave. The paper will absorb the moisture instead the toast.

Why not drop a blob of ketchup onto the cheese before putting it into the microwave. If you're anything like myself and like a bit of heat, instead of ketchup, splash a few drops of hot pepper sauce onto the cheese. You may also add fresh toppings such as sliced onions,  tomatoes, peppers or mushrooms etc. before zapping in the microwave.

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