Ja Rule Microwave Recipe Book

ja rule microwave master cookbook rumour

There was a rumour going around that a Ja Rule microwave recipe book would be available on Amazon in the near future.. This Ja Rule microwave recipe book idea began while rapper, Ja Rule was spending time taking a break from society. The food being provided to Rule and the other guests where he was staying was substandard. Instead of complaining however, Ja Rule utilised the microwave oven provided to cook proper meals he and his friends could enjoy. Near the end of his stay, Ja Rule mentioned to a friend that he would compile his own microwave recipe book. Was it true? – perhaps not – in fact Ja Rule tweeted that it was a joke…

Or perhaps Ja Rule really did come up with the microwave cook book idea, but denied it after realising that his hardcore rap reputation might be compromised if he took on a new role as a celebrity chef. Whatever the case may be, read on to get a few recipes which could have been leaked from early drafts of the Ja Rule Microwave Recipe Book.

Ja Rule Microwave Recipes

Ja Rule may not have been served this in the U.S. but many people know about this British breakfast from the old TV series. In England, the phrase “doing porridge” has become a term meaning serving time in prison.

No-one but you will ever know what kind of meat this stew is made of. It’s probably better that way.

Simple, heavy canteen staple.

This Ja Rule recipe is a veggie casserole dish designed for vegetarians. It’s a no-go for someone like German, Armin Meiwes.

A creamy casserole dish with chunks of chicken for those who have fallen “foul” to ill-gotten gains.

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