Wayv Adventurer – The Evolution of Microwave Kind

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The Wayv Adventurer is a new microwave oven technology concept which should be making an appearance very soon. Away from their size, microwave ovens haven’t changed much at all since they were invented by Percy Spencer way back in 1945. The cuboid boxes housing a cavity magnetron gun that emits pulses of microwave energy into your food to rapidly heat it up have become a familiar piece of equipment in most kitchens since then. An innovative company called Wayv Technologies Ltd. however hope to change all of that with their Wayv Adventurer, “The World’s First Portable Solid-State RF Food Heater ‘Microwave’.”.

The Wayv Adventurer is battery powered and given that it’s about an inch smaller than a standard Thermos flask and weighs just over a kg, it can be used to heat up food practically anywhere. It holds over 1/2 of litre of food or drink and on a single charge can be used for 30 minutes or heat up around 6 meals.

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The rechargeable battery can be restored via mains, car or solar power which makes this a truly portable adventure device suitable for camping, hiking, mountaineering, space travel or for the most demanding of all pursuits, mums out shopping with hungry babies.

The technology is based on RF (Radio Frequency) which is also used by standard microwave ovens. What sets this device apart from traditional microwaves is that it uses Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology instead of a cavity magnetron. LDMOS is much smaller and more light-weight than cavity magnetron, is more efficient and heats food more evenly thus eliminating hotspots and cold spots sometimes experienced with our typical microwaves. A more technical overview of LDMOS tech can be read here.


You’ll be able to buy a Wayv Adventurer sometime in 2017 for around $199 in the US. Follow the Wayv Twitter page for updates as soon as they come in.


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