Student Food!

Microwave Student Food

It’s that time of year again! Uni, University, College, School or whatever you prefer to call it – is back! There’ll be no more mum cooking dinner for you every day and no cash for restaurants and take-aways. You’ll need to learn the most basic survival skill on the campus – how to get Student Food!

Too hungry to read any more? Then skip to the food!

Student life equals partying, getting stimulated, finding love and apparently – some studying. Long winded recipes, slow cook dishes, hour plus preparation times… You won’t have time for that. You’ll need to learn how to cook quick or die trying and the only tool you’ll need to survive is the microwave.

Because The Chef cares about the well-being of our future generation, he’s put together a selection of Student Food recipes. They are all super quick, super healthy and super delicious. Just make sure you have the basic utensils

  • A microwave oven (for super quick cooking)
  • A set small, medium and large sized microwave safe, Pyrex, glass or ceramic dishes with a lids (lids keep moisture in your food and will contain any food explosions!)
  • The ingredients (The actual food!)
  • A toaster (to make toast)

That’s it, you don’t even need any plates or forks. You can eat from the same dish you cooked in with your bare hands!

Now let’s get cooking! Recipes are listed below.

Student Food!

A list of quick and easy microwave recipes which will keep you alive term after term!

I met up with my nephew at Reading University to give him a hands-on session on how to cook this Indian dish.

Cheap, easy to cook and goes with so many different foods.

Microwave Plain Rice

It’s gets fried without the frying in a minute and I’m not lying.

Microwave Fried Egg


Microwave Bacon

Crispy bacon takes seconds in the microwave as demonstrated by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

Microwaved Bacon


Microwaved Porridge

Student food for the winter. A bowl of microwaved porridge is quick to prepare but will keep you fuelled up ’til lunchtime.

microwave porridge with golden syrup

Microwave Jacket Potato

A student food favourite, who can resist a piping hot jacket potato microwaved to cut hours of cooking time down to a few minutes.

microwave jacket potato


Microwave Mashed Potato

Creamy microwaved mashed potatoes. Cook it, whip it, eat it or even sculpt it into a replica volcano like Richard Dreyfuss did in the 1970’s science fiction cult movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Microwave Mashed Potatoes



Microwave Popcorn

Don’t get ripped off buying branded popcorn. Instead, get some un-popped popcorn kernels and a Pyrex dish and use your microwave to make as much student food popcorn as you want for pennies.

microwave popcorn



Microwave Cheese On Toast

Finally, cheese on toast. We cheat a little with this one because microwaves don’t do toast. They do however melt cheese wonderfully so why not tag team the toaster with the microwave to make a Student Food cheese on toast.

Microwave Cheese on Toast


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